Re-imagining Futures Conference: On Our Way Towards Active Global Citizenship

The conference was organised to share action ideas among Scout and other youth leaders on global issues and to explore the role they can play in inspiring and motivating young people to take informed actions, based on critical thinking in order to create positive local and global change.

You can still benefit from the conference even if you didn’t attend it.

We produced some material to sum up not only what the participants experienced during four days packed with workshops, development coffees and other activities, but also how are we interconnected with global questions and more resources and educational materials.

You can also watch eight TEDx-style presentations delivered by speakers from all over the world (Brazil, India, Nigeria, Kenya, Ireland and Denmark). Let the speakers inspire you to informed engagement – by their experiences and examples, by presenting their life projects for facing global and local challenges, or by encouraging different perspectives and views on global issues.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the conference from the photos below.

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